all on 4 fridays

We have created an elite collaborative experience with restorative doctors to improve case acceptance, predictability, and overall clinical outcomes for full mouth implant supported restorations. This in-depth, hands on training will include...

01 | Live patients/procedures to provide exposure to every aspect of the consult, surgery, lab work and post-surgical experience.

02 | Review of important concepts involved in treatment planning, as well as obstacles to patients accepting treatment.

03 | Discussion of complications you and others have experienced, and much more!

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Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

At Shelbourne & Associates, our surgeons exclusively use Nobel Biocare dental implants.The dental implant is the key foundation to a predictable, successful outcome of a beautiful smile - one that lasts a lifetime. As the most widely known and internationally accepted dental implant system, Nobel Biocare’s success and predictability is unsurpassed. Nobel pioneered the All- On-4 concept and has more years (>17), has more cases (>150,000), and more R&D to support their implant process than any other implant company. S&A has been using Nobel Biocare dental implants for more than 15 years and is the leading provider of AO4’s in SC using Nobel Biocare. There is no substitute for using the highest quality materials to provide the most advanced and successful treatments for our patients.

Attendees of an AO4 Friday will receive 6 AGD Certified CE Credits


7:30am-8:30am : Breakfast - S&A Conference Room
Treatment Planning the Full Arch - Maxilla/Mandible
8:30am : Consult Room 1
Final Impressions of previous AO4 patient
AO4 Surgery and Lab work
10:30am : Consult Room 1
AO4 Consult
Deliver Temporary Maxillary Hybrid Prosthesis
12:00pm-1:00pm : Lunch - S&A Conference Room
AO4 Obstacles to Treatment/Hygiene/Complications
2:00pm - Adjourn

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